08052R561K0B200 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 560PF 100V 10%, 0805CG100G9BB00 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 10PF 50V, 0805CG102J9BB00 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 1,0NF 50V 5%, 0805CG330J9BB00 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 33PF 50V 5%, 0805CG339C9BB00 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 3,3PF 50V +/-0,25PF , 0805CG470J9BB00 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 47PF 50V 5%, 0805CG820J9BB00 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 82PF 50V 5%, 10BQ040TR 1A 40V MBRS smd Reel, 267M3502106KR734 C.TAG CHIP 10MF 35V 10%, 293D475X9025C2T C.TAG CHIP 4,7MF 25V 10% , 2N2329 (MPN:SCR2116), 30BQ060TR 3A 60V schottky SS3 smd Reel, 6CWQ06FTR smd, 74ABT162244CSSX smd, 74ACT280M96 smd 9BIT PAR GENER, 74HC14DR Reel smd, 74S280N, ADC2301E, ADSP-1012AJD 64pin DIG 12X12 MULTIPLIER, AMU2485, AS3588AQ smd Telecom AMS.PART.3636-002YWBZL, B82422-A3681-K CHIP INDUCTOR SIMID 02 0,68UH 10% smd, B82723-A2501-N1 0,5250VAC 2X56MH, B82723-G2-D82 2X37MH 1,4A 250VAC, BA157, BAR64E6327 smd, BAT18 9334 107 10215 smd, BBY51E6327 smd, BF914, BFG10/X,215 Reel smd 9340 227 20, BFG235E6327 smd, BFG520,215 smd 9340 188 00, BFR30 smd, BFR93ALT1 Reel smd, BGD802 MODULE BULK CATV 9340 192 20112, BLM21A102SPTM00-03/T258 IMPEDENZE smd, BLM31A260SPBM00-03 smd, BT151-500R 12A 500V, BTA40-700B 40A 700V, BY297, BYT230PIV 1000, BZX84C62 smd 9333 884 10215, BZX84C62LT1 smd, BZX84C6V2 smd 9331 374 10215, BZX84C6V2LT1 smd, Condensatore Ceramico 100MF 25V TAPE 6,3x11 Verticale, Condensatore Ceramico 180MF 450VSN25x45 105° LPH-450V181MS5, Condensatore Ceramico 220MF 160VSN 22x25 105°, Condensatore Ceramico 220MF 400VSN 25x45 105° LPH, Condensatore Ceramico 330MF 200VSN 22x35 105° LPG, Condensatore Ceramico 33MF 250V Verticale, Condensatore Ceramico 4,7MF 350V V. 10x12,5, Condensatore Ceramico 470MF 200VSN 25x35 85° EYS07, Condensatore Ceramico 560MF 350VSN35x40 85°, C.MULT.2,2MF 50V 10% P.5 C340C225K5R5CA73037981, Condensatore Poliestere 120NF 63V 5% P.5 R85 DC 3120[DQ60] J, Condensatore Poliestere 150NF 250V 10% P.15 MKS-4, Condensatore Poliestere 15NF 100V 10% e 5% P.5 VN, Condensatore Poliestere 2,2NF 2000V 5% P.22 R73 KP, Condensatore Poliestere 220NF 250VAC P.22 MKP, Condensatore Poliestere 27NF 1000V P.15 MKP, Condensatore Poliestere 330NF 275VAC P.22 MKTx2 R40, Condensatore Poliestere 33NF 250V 10% P.5 R68, Condensatore Poliestere 33NF 630V 5% P.15 MKP, Condensatore Poliestere 390NF 250V 5% P.15 MKP, Condensatore Poliestere 4,7NF 63V 10% P.5 VN, Condensatore Poliestere 470NF 250V 10% P.22 MKP, Condensatore Poliestere 470NF 63V 10% AXIAL A50 DG 3470[ZA30]K 4,5x12, Condensatore Poliestere 47NF 250V 10% P.5 R68IC2470, Condensatore Poliestere 47NF 250V 5% P.5 R68, Condensatore Poliestere 56NF 63V P.5 VN 20% MKT-370, Condensatore Poliestere 6,2NF 2000V 5% P.22 R73, Condensatore Poliestere 6,8NF 1000V 10% AXIAL, Condensatore Poliestere 680NF 250V 5% P.22 MKP, Condensatore Poliestere 680NF 400V 5% MKP AXIAL, Condensatore Poliestere 680NF 63V 5% P.5 R82DC3680 [DQ30] J 5x9, Condensatore Poliestere 680PF 12,5KV ASSIALE 7,5x42mm, Condensatore Poliestere 68NF 250V 5% P.5 R68, Condensatore Poliestere 68NF 63V P.5 VN 20% MKT, Condensatore Poliestere 7,2NF 1600V 5% P.22 R73 KP, C0805C100D5GAC7553 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 10PF 50V, C0805C102J5GAC75211 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 1,0NF 50V 5% , C0805C229C5GAC Condensatore Ceramico Chip 2,2PF 50V +/-0,25PF, C0805C562K5RAC75217800 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 5600PF 50V, C0805C822K5RAC7521 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 8200PF 50V, C1812C154K5RAC75217800 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 150NF 50V, CDA5.74MC10, CF70095ANF TELETEXT DECODER, CF72304, CL-200G-C-TU Reel smd OPTO, Compensatore 20PF HOR. 2222 808 20209, Connettore MASCHIO 20CKT, PICOFLEX 90325-0020 DA C.S., Connettore COAX.FEMM.82MMCX-S50-0-51 smd, Connettore FEMALE 5/8'75ohm 350071501, CSA6.00MG, CSB432J, CXA1268P, D45H11 10A, D45H2 10A, DF04S smd Ponte Diodo, DFC31R61P016BHB-TA2210, DFC31R89P022BLLA-TA2 smd, DFV S1-KHZ 16.384MHz VS1004 smd Reel OSCILLATORE, DMA2270, DS1803Z-010A2 smd, DSP1610F13E-025-DB TRAY, DSP1610F13H-025-DB TRAY, DSP1611T12E2T201-DB TRAY, EPF81500ARC240-2 smd, FERRITE EFD 15x8x5/ F44, FERRITE EFD 20x10x7/ F44, GRM39Y5V104Z25C500 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 100NF, GRM39Y5V224Z16D530 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 220NF, GRM40C0G100C50-500 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 10PF 50V +/-0,25PF, GRM40C0G2R2C50-500, Condensatore Ceramico Chip 2,2PF 50V +/-0,25PF, GRM40C0G330J50-500 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 33PF 50V 5%, GRM40C0G3R3C50-500 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 3,3PF 50V +/-0,25PF, GRM40, U2J010C50 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 1,0PF, GRM40X7R472K50-500 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 4700PF 50V 10%, GRM40X7R561K100-500 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 560PF 100V 10%, GRM42226Y5V334Z25 Condensatore Ceramico Chip 330NF, GSC02RH357CD34 (V7311T1N146) CUSTOM SMD, HA2-2645-5 B6014 ( Equiv.LM143H ), HA5023IB smd, HCPL3700, IMPEDENZE smd LQH3N100K04M00-01, IMPEDENZE smd LQH4N330K04M00, IMPEDENZE smd LQN210NM04M00-01, IMPEDENZE smd LQN2A47NM04M00, IMPEDENZE smd LQP21A56NG14M00-01, INTERRUTTORE RETE 24V 1A, IRF630, IRF841, IRF9150, IRFP250, IRFR9024TRL MOSFET smd -60V -8,8A 0,28OHM, ispLSI1016E 100LJ PLCC, JW100A DC/DC POWER MODULE 36-75V 3.5A IN - 5V 20A OUT 100W, L3015FN-4 TUBE, LA1170, LDC30B 030 GC 1900B-200 PTA09 FILTRO CERAMICO, LM118J-8, LM143H, LMC36-07A0501BA-002/TA19, LQH3N121K04M00-01/T052 INDUTTANZA smd 120UH 10%, LS204CN, LT1839, LTC485-IN8, M24C64-MW6T EEPROM smd, M28F410-80M1 PACKAGE "TRAY", M3004LAB1, M5M44260CTP-7 256K * 16 DRAM "TRAY", M5M51008BFP-70LLTX4 Reel, M74HC4066RM13TR, MAX202EWE Tube smd, MAX4053CSE G002 Tube, MAX4053CSE TG002 Reel, MAX667CSA TG002 Reel, MBRS360T3 3A 60V SS3 smd Reel, MC12034ADR2 Reel Obsoleto, MC13055DR2 Reel Obsoleto, MC14497P, MC33282DR2 Reel Obsoleto, MC3488ADR2 smd, MC74LCX08DR2 smd, MG100H2YL1A 100A 550V, MG150H1FL1 150A 550V, MG50M2YK1 50A 1000V, MHF318-50 FOCUS REG, MHW8292, (MPN.SHW829) MODULE, MM74HC14MX Reel smd, MMFT3055ELT1 smd, MWS5101DL3, NFM39R02C101T1M00-54 smd, NL322522T3R9J IMPEDENZE 3,9UH 5% smd, NL322522TR47J-3 IMPEDENZE smd, OFWG3203K, P83C528EBA/224 9352 477 30118 24MHz CMOS FLASH, P87C51-SBAA PLCC, PCA84C841P/061, PCF8574T smd, PCF8584T-2 smd Tube, PCF8593T smd Reel 9351 516 00118, PCF8594C-2T smd, EEPROM512*8, PEF2054N V1.0 EPIC-S Tube, RC510 Remote Control, RFD8P06ESM MOSFET smd, RFP12N06RLE MOSFET, S87C654-4B44 smd, SAA1064T/N2 smd 9339 735 20112, SAA5231, SAA5243P/H/M3, SAA7110AWP/00 PLCC, SAA7182WP/02 9352 448 80518 digital video encoder (euro-denc), SAF110.6MA40T, SAF41MC70Z, SAFC1618MA91T-TC12 smd, SAFC2492MA91S-TC12 smd, SAR300OMDA30x250, SAR423,2MDA, SCX6206WPU/N5, SDA2010A024, SDA20562A506, SDA20563A509, SDA20563A510, SDA20563A520, SDA2080A036, SDA2083A523, SDA5250C4 100HZ, SFT5.5MA, SFT6,5MA, SI3090CA0006, SL486NADP, SLLGLA16.384MHz 330003104 smd Reel OSCILLATORE, SM6T18CA 600w transil smd, SMTPA120 smd, SMTPA130 trisil smd, SMTPA220*5 trisil smd, ST24C02AM6013TR - ST24C02FM6TR, ST4028, ST6326B1/CP, ST6365BB1/BHX, STLC5411FT-X Reel, STLC5411P-X REV 2.9 T72460XB0009F, T491A155K020AS7470 C.TAG CHIP 1,5MF 20V 10%, T491A225K016AS7470 C.TAG CHIP 2,2MF 16V 10%, T491A475K010AS7470 C.TAG CHIP 4,7MF 10V 10%, T491B685K0116AS7553 C.TAG CHIP 6,8MF 16V 10%, T7281-MC-TR PLCC TELECOM, TBA990, TC0745JTCW smdOSCILLATORE 15.360Mhz, TC116 Remote Control, TC194 Remote Control, TC244 IR5346 Remote Control, TC551001BFI-85L Reel, TCA420A, TCA4510, TCA660BP, TCA965B, TDA1571, TDA2721, TDA2795, TDA4060, TDA4510V9, TDA4565A, TDA4671V1 Picture Signal Improvement (PSI) circuit, TDA5662, TDA6610-5, TDA7245, TDA8115, TDA8138, TDA8490/N4, TDA8741/N3, TDA9160A/N3 PAL/NTSC/SECAM dec./Sync Proc., TDA9815/V3, TDA9821V1 Dual Chan.TV FM intercarrier sound demod., TDSG3156, TDSY5150, TEA2014A, TEA5110, TEA5114A, TEA6320T/V1 9350 534 70118, TFMS5360, TLE3104, TLP160G OPTO, TLP330 OPTO, TLP557 OPTO, TLP561G OPTO, TLP732 OPTO, TMP47C670N, TMP82C59AP-2, TRASF. EAT ELDOR 1142.0745, TRASF. EAT ELDOR 1142.1035 , TUNER FL 2462-94, TUNER FP 912-32, TVR4200.1-996 (M50721), U2520B, U3090M, U4062B, U427B, U4409B, U4648-BSD, U4744B, U862BS-ATF, UA741CDT smd, UAA4713FP smd, UM2321-03 CONV.DC/DC IN 36-110VDC OUT 5,7VDC 875ma, UNITA' LASER 7595201150, UNITA' LASER 7595202330, UPD7537AC019, V7311-T1-N1 custom Italtel AMS PART.5094-001A-TJC, V7311-T1-N2 custom Italtel AMS PART.5085-001A-ZZP, XC3042-70PC84 I Tube Obsoleto, XC86617P, XC86620P, XC88627P (STR 211), XC88659P, XC88768CP, ZC403217P, ZC405667P, ZC84306P, ZC84310P, ZOCCOLI CINESI 033 05500, ZOCCOLI PLCC 44PINS 150-044-12-01-0000

TRIBIANO TRE Snc - Via Pasubio,12/14 - TRIBIANO (MI) - ITALY
Tel. 02/90631374 Fax 02/90633054
P.I. 11302920159 - Resp.Comm.

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Electronic Stock Components Sales&Buy


Our Company have a DECENNAL experience about high quality electronics spare parts stocking. In the first shot you can see the front of our big deposit (over 7500 square feets) in which electronics materials are stored.

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In the second one you can see a fly seeing of the deposit, few kms far from Milan's ring-road.
( Tangenziale Est, Paullo - Exit - Tribiano Zona Industriale 3)

itt,nec,mitsubishi,motorola,murata,ndk,phier,siemens,philips,tdk,telefunken,toshiba,stock,ingrosso,ic,integrated circuits,circuiti integrati,ne,cd,sn,2n,3n,bc,bf,bu,transistor,fet,mosfet,diodi,zener,quarzi,condensatori,resistenze,passivi,attivi,elettronica,electronics,optoelectronics,optoelettronica,components,parts,dealer,componenti,elettronici,vendita

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